By Schelli Whitehouse 


If there were a twelve-step program for personal development junkies, I’d be a card-carrying member.


For a long time, I was a closet spiritual junkie, hiding under the covers and reading the courageous words of so many others. I kept my habit mostly hidden because I could never identify the result that I was sure was going to occur within myself after completing each new program, training, or “do-it-yourself” transformation manual. I never seemed to get to that place where I could put down the book or walk out of the classroom and proclaim to the world, “Look at me! I am enlightened: I’m whole, happy, healthy, pain-free, and I can make a million dollars in 90 days – watch me!”


The past ten years of being an equine assisted entrepreneur has been the most rigorous personal and spiritual development classroom I never knew I wanted (often didn’t want). The trial and error, or I should say the trial and “terror” of growing my own business has led me to the biggest “Aha” of my life!

This may or may not be true for you (though I have a feeling many of you will recognize this). All the spiritual teachings, personal development platforms and marketing knowledge and strategies I have inhaled over the years barely moved the dial on my outward experiences. I was frustrated by the yo-yo effect of spectacular wins and losses. I was exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically and doubted my own ability to make a real contribution to the world, much less my own immediate family.

Three things happened almost simultaneously that at first, slowed the yo-yo to a pace I could actually witness what was happening and then make the changes to stop it altogether!

  1. I gave myself permission to be seen. The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful. To be seen by others and to truly see myself as a living expression of the Divine. The Divine that I have so readily been able to acknowledge in others, is also the Divine expressing herself through me.
  2. I hired a coach that has been where I am and could unlock the potential within me to actualize the Next Highest Version of the Grandest Vision I Could Hold For Myself! I stick to the program, even when I am scared of the unfamiliar territory before me. I still do this.
  3. I created my container of service to others on a platform of LOVE. Just as ‘cold’ is the experience of the absence of ‘heat’, all ‘fear’ is the experience of the absence of ‘love’. 

Yes, I still need to know ‘what to do’ with regards to my service, technology, finances, etc. And coming from the energy of LOVE (it takes practice), changes the experience for me as well as my clients, from one of fear, struggle and self-doubt, to an experience of curiosity, surprise and prosperity.

Whether you have been an entrepreneur for some time or are just getting started, I want you to understand that your work is vitally important. You are being called to a higher purpose for a critically important reason with regards to the conscious evolution of our planet.

You are the soulful entrepreneur that deserves to be seen. I know the power of your work. I want you to succeed and create a sustainable practice for you and your herd, because your work is changing the world. I believe that with every fiber of my being.

It took me years to reconcile my beliefs around money and my identity and give myself permission to exhale. Permission to release my own potential in a way that is in alignment with my own core essence. Even if ‘society’ thinks I’m a little woo-woo and a lot unconventional.

I don’t want it to take that long for you. We have to sift through what is valid, what is conditioned, what is made up, and what is the truth. This is what it is all about. We are here to discover the truth for ourselves at each moment of our development and to celebrate every small success (or setback) with the same gratitude as the big ones. It’s time to give ourselves permission to make mistakes and to change our minds, permission to be a professional, and permission to be seen.

Each month I open enrollment for 5 courageous souls to work with me privately, one-to-one, on your unique business. I work with Equine inspired entrepreneurs that I know I can help, who are ready to build their own programs on a platform of Love and Prosperity. If it sounds a little woo-woo, and a lot unconventional, it is. 

If the way you have been attempting to build your business has not been working, or resulting in the dramatic yo-yo effect, I invite you to consider another way. 

I’d like to invite you to a one-time complimentary Business Clarity session.
You will come away with…

  • A Crystal Clear vision for your next steps, 
  • Clarity around some (hidden) blocks that may be holding you back
  • Inspiration and renewed energy with regards to what is possible for your unique business!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click the link to book a time that works for you say, “Yes” to yourself and your herd! 

Always Love,

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