Name: Kim Roswitha

Business name: Wisdom of Horses

Location: Las Alpujarras, Southern Spain

What services do you offer? What do you do? What is your expertise

 I am the founder, facilitator and teacher/guide/counsellor of Wisdom of Horses. Wisdom of Horses offers a way to inner peace, confidence and strength, with the help of horses, through retreat, riding, coaching and self-enquiry (supported by meditation and relaxation). In a beautiful venue surrounded by nature in Las Alpujarras, Southern Spain.

About coaching / self-enquiry: Horses recognize emotions, fears and blockages and react to them, which gives us insight upon how to get more harmony in our lives. They are naturally good coaches. Horses contribute to transforming habits, and to be with our attention in the here and now. It helps us to develop inner strength, authenticity and more self-awareness. Coaching with horses shows how important the connection is with ourselves and our environment to achieve our goals.

A Wisdom of Horses riding week is based on mutual respect, having a good time, as well you as the horses, riding together and using the language of our heart. Riding the horses in nature, without bit and in relaxation. Both for beginners and advanced riders.

How did you get into this? Your story. Why do you dedicate your life to this?

To start Wisdom of Horses I combined many skills that I had developed in The Netherlands. I have studied Psychology, worked in different management teams, lived and worked for 3 years in a community for personal growth, sustainable living and spiritual transformation, I gained my license to work as a coach and a license to work as a sports teacher. Furthermore, meditation taught to me in many forms and within different traditions has always an important place in my life. I moved to Spain in 2007 and in 2009 my horses came across my path and I started to guide people with the help of my horses. Bringing people back into their heart, into their natural and authentic state. Sharing the beneficial possible effects in one’s life of a retreat combining horses, meditation and self-enquiry has always been a dream, and I’m thankful it came alive and is available for you now.

Who do you help?

Adults from all ages who are feeling called on this journey with themselves and the horses.


How do you help them?

During a Wisdom of Horses week we get on an inner adventure together: Meet the horses and meet yourself from the depth of your heart.
‘What really matters for you?’ ‘How to find peace and love within yourself?” How is it to connect from this place with horses and with people?’
Meeting yourself in loving kindness, surrounded by nature and in interaction with the natural qualities of the horses. Experience with retreat or horses not required.



´Beautiful, unique, powerful what I experienced here. I came openminded and openhearted and Kim, Nona, Astra and Sal have shown me how it is to be at home again in myself, to experience the essence of who I am. Kim, you have the gift to transmit your wisdom with your horses!!! What I really appreciate, is that all happens in an earthly and free way. Thank you so much for all these beautiful experiences. Lovely food, lovely time, pure life!`
Mo, Netherlands
´So many teachings from the horses and Kim. I am grateful to have finally found a tool to live my emotions and to move forward in life. I know now how to contact my inner strength and I´m looking forward to practising it in my daily life. Thank you for the non-entertainment and to let me find my place with total independence.`
Julie, Germany


Your Mission Statement

Wisdom of Horses aims to contribute to a sustainable and healthy society, open communication and real contact, increasing self-awareness and understanding of our own actions and trusting our inner strength. Interaction based on friendliness and respect and with an eye for the welfare of the horses.


Do you have a facility or offer an outreach service?

Retreats will be held in small groups up to 5 people and take place at Casa La Paz – here you will find yourself in an oasis of peace and tranquility, where you can soak up the sun sitting under an orange tree, listening to the sound of the mountain river, the gentle stream and the birds.
The horses have an outdoor space. the space is surrounded by nature, and neighbours pasture where they can graze.


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