Name: Valence Williams – Soul Horse Revolution – Australia


Your Mission Statement


To be a voice for horses so that they may enjoy better quality of life.
Promoting a Holistic way of being with horses. Mind, Body, Soul…Work, Rest and Play.


What services do you offer? What do you do? What is your expertise?


Horsemanship Coach
Equine Assisted Learning (Self Development)
Meditation teacher


I travel to clients and work with them and their own horse/s.


How did you get into this? Your story. Why do you dedicate your life to this?


I was born a horse lover and always had a dream of being as one with them. In my late 20s, after travelling around trying different horse jobs, I decided to start some horses under saddle myself. Having some nice results & a mindset of training with compassion, I had people asking me to start theirs for them. I did this for a few years until I realised that it was actually the horse owners that often needed teaching. Along the way, my personal herd grew and some of them were my greatest teachers but also (emotional) supports. I learned I had to look at myself, my thought and behaviour patterns, to be a better horsewoman and when I began Meditating with my horses, it opened up a new world.

I was always searching for the kindest ways to teach horses so opened my mind to many training approaches. As a result, Liberty and Positive Reinforcement became a large part of what I do with my herd.

When I learned of Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning, I fell in love with the idea. It would bring tears to my eyes to hear stories of how horses helped people heal. Eventually I trained to become a Certified Equine Assisted Learning practitioner.

So, Soul Horse Revolution is my way of sharing what I’ve discovered about Horses, Horsemanship and Horse Wisdom for Self Development and quality of life for horse and human.



Who do you help?


Women who would like to learn more about training their own horses while deepening their connection to them.


How do you help them?


By improving the two-way communication skills between horse and human (based on Behavioural Neuroscience and Equine Psychology) while exploring how the human is showing up in the relationship to move towards becoming the calm, safe place that a horse feels drawn to.
This is done via Private lessons and Clinics.





“Vee is a calm and soothing presence if you or your horse are in a pickle, with a gentle, knowledgeable and intuitive approach to relationship building when you’re not! Highly recommended.”
“Valence is helping me to reconnect with my horse Wirrin. Wirrin is hard to catch, when he sees me with his halter he just walks away. I would love for him to want to be with me, for him to catch me. I loved that Valence really heard me, and appreciated how important it is for me to have a better relationship with my horse. I am now going to Wirrin with a halter in my hand, and respecting his space and asking him permission to approach him. But I also need to be a human that he wants to be around, Valence is helping me be more grounded and to be better connected to my inner self and I really believe that this is what Wirrin has felt missing from me. Thank you Valence, I am loving my new journey with Wirrin.”




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