By Kathy Pike.

Once during a cold northern winter, I headed south to teach with horses in Tucson, Arizona. The day was perfect to be playing with horses, not too hot or too cold, and there was no wind.

During this personal development program I was able to work with Evelyn, a therapist from North Carolina that was soft-spoken and often sat with her eyes gazing downward, avoiding visual contact with others in the group. This kind and sensitive soul was preparing to work with a substantial Belgian horse by the name of Rawhide.

Rawhide, only five years old at the time, was at least sixteen hands high and still growing. His hooves were the size of large dinner plates. Despite his size, he looked like an oversized, gentle teddy bear. Evelyn, just like all of us, just wanted to hug him. She immediately fell in love with him and was excited at the possibility of working with him.


We had spent the morning talking about all the nuances of boundaries. As a therapist Evelyn claimed that she had done her boundary work but once she was in the round pen with Rawhide, everything changed. As you are already sensing, the session did indeed become about setting boundaries. Specifically in Rawhide’s case, the work was about physical boundaries. Read more>

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One with Horse – with Kathy Pike, from anywhere in the world

One with Horse brings activates your subtle energy field to awaken a deeper relationship with your horse.


The One with Horse online journey is a magical and inspiring six-week transformational process of exploration that will honor the invisible communication, unspoken understanding, and deep channel of exchange possible with horses. The program includes:

  • 6 weeks of in-depth videos and tutorials to guide you in explicit detail through each step of the program.
  • Meditations to bring you in line with your authentic self and open the connection with your horse.
  • Detailed processes and methods to assist you with taking your relationship with your horse to the next level.
  • Worksheets to help you document and guide yourself through the experiences and emotions that are brought to the surface.
  • A very special releasing and reclaiming ritual.
  • Tips on how to progress through active work with your horse.
  • A special session on how to receive deep healing from your horse

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Coaching with Horse – Emotional Intelligence and Energy Mastery (EFLC Level One Training Program)

Now Online! Imagine a life where you are living your purpose while partnering with horses and making a significant impact on others’ well-being. Every day you feel warmth and expansion in your heart because you are finally living your calling. You are a conduit for positive change and deep connections. Are you:


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