Introducing Keren Morris from “The Horse’s Voice”

Mission Statement
I am committed to giving horses a voice, to helping those who are committed to their horse’s well being, and to doing all I can to make the horse world a much kinder, more ethical place.

What services do you offer:

I help loving horse owners, vets, therapists and equestrian professionals to ‘hear’ the many , many different forms the horse’s ‘voice’ takes, through clinics, lecture-demos, one-to-one help, mentoring and support, as well as literature.  I am also in the process of developing an online, step-by-step course for those who are seeking a much more ethical approach to riding and training.


How did you get to this?

In the Dedication of my book (The Horse’s Voice – How Kind Can Horsemanship Become? – available on Amazon via the ‘Resources’ section of this website) I wrote a poem to my dearest friend and mentor and have pasted most of it here, because I think it sums up the way I feel about horses pretty well:


“What do horses mean to me?


It’s very hard to say…


They are entwined with my soul,

Part of who I am.

They connect me to the Highest part of myself,

They cause my soul to soar.

They humble me,

They bring such joy to me that tears run down my face.

They are home to me.


And I want with all that I am,

To lift them up,

To set them free,

To remind them of just how amazing,

How beautiful and how breath-taking they are.

That is my dream.


I love them more than words can say…”


I have always felt this way.   I was just born loving horses and feeling a strong connection to them.  They have always been my closest friends, yet I see that they are so rarely understood as well as they could be.


I meet so many people who have become lost and confused by the myriad of conflicting human advice when it comes to their horses.  Sadly, in many cases, despite the owner’s very best of intentions and beautiful heart, their ridden horses are actually having a horrible time, and are desperately waiting for their human to start to see the situation from their side. I am passionate about helping those who care for them to do just that.


I often meet owners who have long had a niggling feeling that something was wrong, but when they have sought advice from professionals in the Industry, they’ve not found their answers. In fact, often the professionals have been oblivious to the problem, and the owner has ended up walking away thinking they must be imagining the whole thing.  If you have ever felt that way, then I am here to say, “The chances are, you are not wrong, and there are answers.  Once you can better ‘hear’ and understand the horse’s voice, then he horse can lead you to those answers, and in doing so, your relationship, your training and everything about your life with horses can change for the better!   Often far beyond anything you’d believe possible.”


As well as being hugely passionate about helping and supporting owners who are trying to help their horses, I am equally passionate about finding ways to change the Horse Industry itself.  I believe that in this day and age, there is no excuse for the treatment so many horses still endure on an unfathomable scale.  I believe that if horses could cry out like a child or a dog, things would be very different, but as it is, horses continue to suffer in silence and servitude.  I have dedicated my life to learning in the hope of some day helping things to change, and to giving horses a voice.  I believe this time is finally here, we ‘Davids’ are demanding a change in ‘Goliath’. I am committed to doing all I can to help my dearest silent friends to have a voice and to be treated with the respect they deserve, and to be honoured for the breath-taking souls that they all are, regardless of their job within the industry.


Who do you help?

Anyone who is trying to help their horses to be as happy as possible (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).  I currently help most people in person in the UK, Europe and the USA, but am working on ways to help more people through online learning platforms and online mentoring.


How do you help them?

As well as transforming the connection between horse and human, I often spend a lot of time helping people with their connection to themselves as well.  The two go hand in hand, and very often, people have a very important soul-journey they are on with their horses that I am honoured to be a small part of.

As part of learning to better hear and understand the horse’s ‘voice’, I spend a lot of time helping people to become much clearer in their understanding of the horse’s natural biomechanics. This enables them to much more easily identify which training, riding and management methods are helping, and which are actually hindering their horses well being.   I inevitably end up helping with very specific but profoundly beneficial therapeutic and preparatory groundwork, dismounted sessions for the rider, saddling and riding as well.

The results are breath-taking from the outset when someone commits to this path.  For some, the biggest initial shift is within themselves, for others it is to do with the connection between them and their horse, for others it is a flood of light-bulb moments (that is what I felt when I first learned much of what I now teach), and for others, it is the shift in their horse that blows them away.


Certifications etc.

Author of ‘The Horse’s Voice – How Kind Can Horsemanship Become?’
British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach
Fully Insured
Enhanced Disclosure (previously CRB-checked) verified by British Horse Society
Up-to-date BHS First Aid and Safeguarding certificates
Reiki Master Teacher, specialising in working with horses & horse owners
BALANCE registered Test Ride Facilitator** (2-Star)
UKCC Level 2
25 years professional experience
Over 10 years specialising in transforming Horse-Human relationships, equine biomechanics, saddling and helping horses who need to go through a remedial process of recovery from illness, past saddle problems or unsuitable training methods.


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Phone: +44 (0)7982 933 198

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