by Schelli Whitehouse, Amazon International Best Selling Author of “The Business of Coaching with Horses – How to Reach More Clients, Feed Your Horses and Change the World!”

I know you are a ‘soulful service provider’ and want your business to feed your soul as well as your horses. Yet for so many of the practitioners I speak with, there is a huge disconnect between ‘what you do’ with horses and the ‘business of what you do’ (as it used to be for me, as well).

Can you imagine what it would feel like to build your equine-assisted business with the same confidence, joy, and enthusiasm you have for actually facilitating transformational experiences for clients?

So many practitioners separate the work they do with horses and clients from the ‘business’ of how they engage with potential new clients.

It looks something like this:

Joy = physically holding space for your clients and the horses as they do their transformational magic!!!!

Fear = putting yourself out into the world to talk about the value and expertise you offer in order to invite people to hire you!

What if it was possible to feel Joy about your business and marketing as deeply as you do about the actual horse and client experience? (Or almost as deeply!)

Last month I did a webinar with Hillary Schneider of the Horse Medicine Leadership Academy on the subject of integrating facilitation skills into the practice of growing a business. In case you missed it, you can access the recording here:

There are many, many aspects of successful entrepreneurship and if you’ve never run your own business before you are probably in a place where you just ‘don’t know what you don’t know’.

Here are 4 examples of integrating the facilitation skills you have with the mindset of growing a business:

#1 – First and foremost is the mindset you bring to your business. How you ‘think and feel’ about the actions and investment required to build a business will have a tremendous effect on the results you experience. And isn’t that exactly the awareness we help others come to through their experience with the horses? The awareness that how they ‘think and feel’ impacts their actions and determines if they are in alignment with their own truth?

#2 – Having a container (program or service) that delivers a specific result to the clients you are most meant to serve. Your program design must define the integrity of your work for anchoring and integrating the awareness the horses facilitate.

#3 – When facilitating a transformational experience you learn to ask powerful questionsto help the client access the value of their experience. When pricing your program you need to know how to align the value of your programs with the value of the transformation to the client.

#4 – If your mission is to empower and educate your clients to access their own unique brilliance, then your marketing (how you share what you do with who you do it for) also needs to be designed to empower and educate your potential clients.

There are steps, processes, research and trial and error involved in all of the above (and many more elements). Getting into action is the only way to lean into what’s possible and discover what’s around the next corner for you. Get Curious!

In August, Hillary and I are co-facilitating an introductory experience at her retreat center in British Columbia, that blends the intuitive facilitation skills with the practical applications of building a business.

Space for this retreat will be available for 6 women (as of this writing there are 3 openings left).

This is an all-inclusive (lodging, meals and ground transportation) powerful 2 ½ days with a herd of 27 amazing, equine teachers in the assistance and development of your skills as a facilitator and in the growth of your practice.

Whether you are curious about entering into the field or are already currently practicing, what we teach and will be facilitating in this retreat will be applicable to you.

To read more about the retreat and apply for a spot, follow this link…

Horse Medicine Leadership Introductory Retreat

Again, if you missed our webinar and want to learn more about us… follow this link…

To Your Horse & Soul Success,


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