Name: Rachel Gedaliya

Business name: Open Gaits

Address: Victoria, BC, Canada


What services do you offer? What do you do? What is your expertise?

I offer FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) private sessions which translate to Equine guided journeys for people who want to connect with the horses, themselves and get deeper understandings, offered on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Also group workshops- Drumming with horses- Find your rhythm. An interactive way that awakens the senses with the drums and the horses, offered in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky mountains in AB, Canada.

How did you get into this? Your story. Why do you dedicate your life to this?

Born and raised in Israel, I have discovered the horses in my mid 20’s. A simple riding lesson brought a great sensation of freedom, empower and magic while galloping through a fresh cut field.

That was love at first sight with a species who would take me into a journey around the world and later on into my self.

Being with the horses has reminded me of the deep connections we all have to mother earth and nature.

After travelling in Europe, following the horses, I have decided to continue that connection as a full-time career. Starting to explore the horse world I had become a riding instructor and a trainer working in a ranch where horses had the opportunity to live in a harmonious way as a herd on the open spaces of the Golan Heights, Israel. My work in that ranch as a trail guide and riding instructor and caring for the horses on a daily basis showed me there is a unique connection between man and horse.

Every day spent with the horses was a true gift. I have observed special moments and unique interactions between the horses, seeing only in a true herd.

After a couple of years in the ranch, I had to follow an inner voice that invited me to come west. That voice led me to the majestic Rocky Mountains in Alberta and BC, Canada.

Travelling through the west exposed me to more knowledge, practice and connection with the horses.

Very soon I understood I had a role in the horse world and that was the role a healer. I went to school and learnt the techniques of structural alignment, Mayo Fascia Release, K- tape and Jin Shin Shiatsu as well with a long apprenticeship in natural performance hoof care.

I then started to pursue a career that followed my heart wish- Heal horses and bringing them to balance.

Focusing mainly in Alberta and now practising from Vancouver Island, I still working with horses from different disciplines and competitions levels, caring for their feet and body alignments. My focus now is rehabbing horses, getting them back to comfort and helping them connect with their humans again.

While meeting people through work and life I understood there is a big link that connects these animals to humans and that link should be not only preserved but taken into higher consciousness.

A self-search, after taking an injury, for more meanings in my life and career brought me to Horse Spirit Connections where the magic continued as the horses showed me a side deeper then I knew they had in the connection with the humans.

That revelation opened a huge door … a door that will connect me back to working with people. A connection I had created years ago, as a youth guide, a military trained commander, an event producer and clinician who teach about horse care and rehab.

The natural step to follow was to take the full certification FEEL program and start exploring how I can make new bridges of deeper connection between the horses and human and how to inspire people to connect with themselves, others and nature.

Allowing the horses to lead an important role in our life and a new discovery on ourselves as humans.

I am excited to take the new role life and horses has presented me and see where it leads me in to inspiring people to do the same.

Who do you help?

Working with women of all walks of life, veterans and young adults. People who want and need to better the connection to their deeper, intuitive self and their life force.

People who may want to strengthen and learn new skills. (Be it self respect, boundaries, get in touch with heart energy and creativity and more)

How do you help them?

The work is done in private sessions. Bringing people to the quiet setting of the farm, meeting the horses and spending time with them, the horses are showing us what are the issues we may want to address, look into and reflect upon. We learn the way of the horse and connect to ourselves through it. We learn to accept ourselves, we learn about emotional agility and being in the moment.


“I had 10 weekly sessions of equine therapy with Rachel and her beautiful horse, Cassiar, while recovering from a broken wrist.

Cassiar is a gentle giant, who is extremely sensitive and intuitive. Rachel interpreted his body language to me. He reminded me of the importance of being present, of approaching everyone with my heart and of trusting myself. Rachel and Cassiar are an amazing team. They have a beautiful relationship, which creates a healing environment and I was privileged to be a beneficiary of their gifted partnership.”

(J.H Vancouver island BC, Canada)

” Rachel’s thoughtful and heartful way with horses is an inspiring model of how we can be with all beings. When I spend time with her and Cassiar, I feel deep respect, humility and power. All the tools we need most to live well are there- clear, calm intention, full presence and loving connection. Thank you Rachel for sharing this world of profound healing with us.”

(Matt S, Vancouver island, BC, Canada)


Your Mission Statement

Through the way of the horse inspiring people to connect into their light and live an empowered life.


An article that was published recently and written by me present some of the work I do –

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