Horse-led Retreats in Rural North West France


Pam Billinge – Be the person you want to be

Horse-led learning, coaching and psychotherapy. Mindfulness and writing retreats with horses
People seek help from the herd for all sorts of reasons: sometimes they are just stuck in life and can’t seem to move forwards. Other times it is as a result of loss, relationship difficulties, career change, anxiety, burnout or lack of confidence. Sometimes the reason which brings people is not the really what they need – it is just what they think they need. The horses sometimes reveal differently.
In essence working in an embodied way with horses helps you to come back to yourself. Not necessarily the self that you inhabit and who functions on a day to day basis – but the self which is free from fear, self-limiting beliefs and obligations to the expectations of others. By learning to be fully present to your emotional experience, you unfold insight and understanding with the help of the horses and connect with what it means to truly be yourself. From here, everything else is easy.

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