Equine Energetics – Trisha Wren – Horse Communicator & Healer

All services are remote. I also work with people (remotely) 1-1 to develop their own spiritual and animal communication skills.



Horse Communicator & Healer. I work remotely, all I need is a photo and name.
Sessions include a full physical check, diet and tack checks, and a range of energetic rebalancing and healing.

Who do you help?

Horse owners who are worried, frustrated, or just curious about their horse’s health, behaviour, performance, or happiness.

How do you help them?

By giving their horse a voice, and getting answers to all their burning questions. Sessions tend to improve the understanding, connection, and relationship between client and horse.





Phone number 

64-210-231-6473 New Zealand

Give your horse a voice, and get all your burning questions answered.

Certifications, Affiliations, Qualifications

Equine Touch Practitioner, Tellington Equine Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Reiki level 2, Enlightenment Degree 2 (Agapeschoolinz).



“Your insights/information affected me quite deeply & I want to thank you, there has been an underlying shift in our relationship for the better. She hasn’t put her ears back at me & we have had 2 lovely long rides past the point where she used to panic. She is also walking more freely. But I feel I understand her more, Thanks again””Spot on about the left side. Also spot on about the TMJ and the poll to tail. Her Bowen therapist has been looking at that.”

“That is fantastic Trisha, thank you SO much! All of that resonated absolutely. The feedback on the saddle is exactly what I needed, and yes makes perfect sense because she’s blocking and crooked to the left. “

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