We are so happy to meet Pam Billinge, author of The Spell of the Horse: Stories of Healing and Personal Transformation with Nature’s Finest Teachers – A must-read for those wishing to understand the connection between horses and humans!

Pam offers Horse-led learning, coaching and psychotherapy, and mindfulness and writing retreats with horses in beautiful Mayenne, North West France.

How Did You Get Into This? Your Story. Why Do You Dedicate Your Life To This?

I first noticed the full impact of human emotional experience on horses when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As her health deteriorated and my mental state with it, so the behaviour of my horse towards me became more and more extreme. A student of body psychotherapy at the time, I was able to tread the path to healing in partnership with my horse and bring both a psychotherapeutic and horsemanship lens to the learning I had. In the following few years I continued to explore the depth of connection possible between horses and humans and in 2008 introduced horse-led process into my existing psychotherapy and leadership coaching practises. It was so effective for my clients, bringing both insight, clarity, transformation and joy that I decided to dedicate my career to this mode of working.

Who Do You Help?

People seek help from the herd for all sorts of reasons: sometimes they are just stuck in life and can’t seem to move forwards. Other times it is as a result of loss, relationship difficulties, career change, anxiety, burnout or lack of confidence. Sometimes the reason which brings people is not the really what they need – it is just what they think they need. The horses sometimes reveal differently.

How Do You Help Them?

In essence working in an embodied way with horses helps you to come back to yourself. Not necessarily the self that you inhabit and who functions on a day to day basis – but the self which is free from fear, self-limiting beliefs and obligations to the expectations of others. By learning to be fully present to your emotional experience, you unfold insight and understanding with the help of the horses and connect with what it means to truly be yourself. From here, everything else is easy.

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A must-read for those wishing to understand the connection between horses and humans

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