Life Lessons from the Heart of Horses


with Kathy Pike and Oude Wijscheid.


Inspiring true stories of how horses teach humans and heal their hearts. Horses are sensitive creatures with hearts ten times larger than humans and much more to share with us than meets the eye. Life Lessons from the Heart of Horses offers poignant short stories about the trials and tribulations of befriending horses. Equine expert Kathy Pike brings you on a healing journey that includes lessons a wild horse taught her, how horses teach humans in her equine facilitated learning programs, and personal insights about living off the land and engaging with the dynamics of a herd each day.

Every story in this inspirational book highlights lessons about trust, surrender, timing, and building relationships. Some stories are light and playful, others are insightful, and some are even a bit heart-wrenching, bringing you on the journey as if you are in direct relationship with each horse. Questions offered after each chapter invite you to apply this book’s lessons to your own life or relationships.

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