Meet Kim Hallin – Unbridled – Ravenel, South Carolina (USA)

What services do you offer? What do you do? What is your expertise?

I offer gentle, guided, healing “adventures of the soul” to seasoned adults of all ages at my farm outside of Charleston, SC. I also offer several online experiential learning programs inspired by the wisdom of horses that lead women and men toward greater self-actualization. My expertise is using empathy to translate equine body language and herd dynamics into powerful life-lessons for humans and creating safe, inspirational spaces for communal learning and healing.

How did you get into this? Your story. Why do you dedicate your life to this?

I came into the field of equine-assisted learning through the back door, as an advocate for horses. My own personal journey with a very special horse named Tempo opened my eyes to the incredible power these animals have to teach us important lessons about life, relationships, unconditional love and our own human nature. Although deeply challenging, my soul-searching journey with Tempo changed my life in so many ways — all for the better. By showing me how to see and honor her inner being she empowered me to find and honor my own true self as well. I dedicate my life to this work not only to help as many humans as possible but in the sincere hope that by opening more people’s eyes to the true gifts and healing nature of horses, I can help build a better future for horses everywhere as well.

Who do you help?

I help adults of all ages who have enough life-experience (both good and bad) to recognize we all need support, guidance and a like-minded “herd” family in order to thrive!

How do you help them?

I help them break patterns of thought and behavior that are no longer serving them well and reconnect with their most authentic selves. The results are: greater belief in themselves, greater faith in life, a deep awareness that everything will be okay, and a stronger connection to their intuitive and empathetic natures.

Your Certifications, Affiliations, Qualifications

I am a lifelong student of the horse and of what it means to be human. What qualifies me to guide others is simply my own life-experience coupled with an acknowledgement that I always have more to learn.


“Kim’s knowledge of horses and her ability to relate equine behavior to human behavior is powerful. I came away with ideas for three areas in my life to change, and they have immediately started to work.”

“Kim is an exceptional teacher, friend and advisor. The feedback and perspective she shares with each participant is phenomenal and really helps guide us into diving deep and truly becoming our authentic selves.”

“Before my first hands-on experience at Unbridled, there is no way that anyone could have convinced me that I could learn so much from horses! In just a few hours I learned about acceptance, respect for others and myself, kindness, taking things as they come, that it’s OK to walk away, it’s OK to say no, how to ‘just be’ and the need for quietness in my life.”

Do you have a facility or offer an outreach service?

My farm is located outside of Charleston, SC. Visits, workshops and sessions are by appointment only.



Tempo's Journey

This is Episode One in a series documenting the healing journey of Kim Hallin and her mare Tempo. Throughout the series Kim draws powerful parallels that will help anyone who is on a personal journey of healing and transformation.

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