Meet Sharon Wood from Horses for Causes

Your Mission Statement

Helping to improve the quality of people’s lives

What services do you offer? What do you do? What is your expertise?

Provide equine assisted activities to help people of all ages with varied degrees of mental and physical health.
Working with children that have autism, learning difficulties and those that are in the care system display challenging behaviour, through interaction with a small herd of horses helps them to relax, build confidence and increase self esteem.

How did you get into this? Your story. Why do you dedicate your life to this?

I was the youngest of six children, my mother brought us up virtually on her own when my father died when I was two years old. I seemed to struggle with feelings and emotions, and it wasn’t til much later in life things that I had surpressed would come back to bite me on the bum. I began to learn about me.
I have drifted from job to job thinking that I had found my vocation in life only to realise it would cause me heartache and grief.In 2001, I was given an unbroken horse, a present from my now 2nd husband. I had no idea what to do with it, I had always loved horses but as a child never had the opportunity or was fortunate to have horse riding lessons. My journey was starting and when I look back, wow I’ve come a long way.
Horses for Causes was founded in 2010, my small organisation that has a huge impact on others.

Who do you help?

I work mainly with children and troubled teenagers, however in the past worked with adults (ASD, aspergers, ADD, ADHT, etc), drug and alcohol rehab.

How do you help them?

With the interaction of twelve amazing horses, young people seem able to cope with emotions and feelings. Barriers are easier to break down as the focus is not on the young people but on the horses. Through looking at how horses behave helps them look at their own behaviour and the way it may impact on others. When working with a horse that is much bigger, whilst it can be intimidating, builds our confidence and boosts our self esteem.
Children and young people become less aggressive, develop a better understanding of why they feel the way they do, find coping mechanisms, build a more positive and growth mindset.

Your Certifications, Affiliations, Qualifications

Diploma in Child Psychology, Equine Psychology, Horse care & management, Coaching, Life skills, Mindfulness
BHS Level 1/2, Horse trek leader, Riding and road safety
NVQ level 2
Eagala certified


My daughter attended a workshop at Horses for Causes. I couldn’t believe the difference in her after the workshop. She was so calm and chilled, her anxiety so much better. Sharon creates a lovely environment for everyone and immediately puts you at ease. The horses are lovely and my daughter enjoyed being around them (and still does). I have also noticed a difference with her confidence, she tends to stand up more for herself now too! Thank you Sharon and Malcolm for the wonderful work that you do!I took my niece for a trial / taster session last weekend and this is just the place we were looking for. Sharon was very friendly and helpful and showed us around explaining what she could offer and then let my niece feed and ride one of the ponies. Really looking forward to her starting lessons now this weekend and seeing how she develops
Thank you so much Sharon

We live in Blaby, and when hosting friends from Canada, they said they wanted to see some horses, so we wandered round the corner to meet Sharon, Malc and the herd. Sharon and Malc could not have been more friendly, charming and helpful. They spent the best part of two hours introducing us to their herd of horses, every one of which is an individual character in its own right, but gentle and patient. One of our friends was a counsellor before she retired recently and found it particularly fascinating to hear Sharon explain how the horses help people to overcome a variety of problems. It takes time but the team, Sharon & Malc, the horses and the lurchers – I would have loved to have taken Mae home, she’s such a sweetie – could not be more caring and if the need ever arose, I would happily put my trust into their hands.

An incredible place, kind and friendly owner. This is the first thing that has brought joy to my little cousin in months.

My daughter had some big issues at school, so much so her last resort was an alternative education programme. Taylor attends horses for causes every week and you can’t get her out the house fast enough every Monday! You guys are god sends, thank you for giving my little girl this opportunity and thank you for giving me my little girl back

My little girl has adored her time here. And we have seen such an improvement in her confidence. And for us, it was very interesting to see how Sharon worked with her, at her pace and in an engaging way. We hope to continue to visit regularly.

“My son has a tailor-made program to follow organised around his needs and each time we visit he goes from strength to strength in a very calm and relaxed environment where all the horses and ponies are happy and clearly loved. I must also say that as a parent I was made to feel very welcome and involved.”

“Sam is 17 and has Down’s Syndrome and is also on the autistic spectrum. Summer holidays have proved to be difficult in the past with Sam becoming increasingly more insular and unwilling to leave the family home.
We accessed Horses for Causes for the first time this year and it has been a godsend. Sam is keen to get ready and will leave the house happily. He loves interacting with the horses. Sharon seems to have the knack of communicating with Sam on a level that he understands. For the first time Sam has spoken to his dad and brothers about something he has done without them. As this is clearly benefitting Sam we hope to be able to continue attending sessions when the holidays have finished.”

Do you have a facility or offer an outreach service?

Soar Valley Western Stables,
A426 Blaby by Pass,
Leicester. LE8 6DA

Soar Valley Western Stables, A426 Blaby by pass. LE8 6DA, UK



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