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Creating happier lives for horses and humans by supporting people who work with and care for horses and promoting the healing power of horse-human relationships



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We want to promote the horse professionals, facilities and centres whose focus is the wellbeing of horses and humans.

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Let’s become the go-to resource for people looking for healing, transformation and personal development and growth.


Why the Holistic Horse Network? - The Vision


  • To bring together the best Holistic Horse Practitioners, Equine Services and Education Centres worldwide, in one place, to support each other, get more exposure and visibility for your excellent transformative work, to help sustain and grow your business and your outreach/results/good work
  • To create a source, the go-to place for people who are looking to learn, heal and transform with the help of horses, make it easy for them to find the right programme, course, practitioner
  • To educate about the benefits of working, learning and being with horses – not only for horse lovers but for people interested in personal development and transformation, and raise awareness about how much horses can teach us, as individuals, as groups (athletes, companies), as leaders
  • To help increase sustainability for organisations that look after horses, give them a good life,  through sponsorship opportunities, crowd-funding, etc

Articles to help your business grow

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