Let me introduce you to Hippolysis.


The Horse Is You. You Are The Horse.

Hippolysis is a center that rescues horses, offers them love and a good quality of life and in return the horses help humans through sessions of learning, therapy and personal growth.

Places like Hippolysis are the reason why I wanted to create the Holistic Horse Network. I have met the team and collaborated with them, as well as had the amazing experience of how the method works on myself. Dr Niki Makrogiannis is my inspiration and I hope to introduce her to you here soon in a personal interview.

Carmen Klammer, Founder of Holistic Horse Network

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Hippolysis is a centre providing solutions for horses and humans. The center saves horses, providing solutions for their health problems and a good quality of life. In turn the horses give back by guiding people to solutions for problems that are negatively influencing their quality of life and/or work.

Those of you who have already visited Hippolysis in Marathon know that it is more than just a therapeutic learning center. Hippolysis is a warm embrace and an invigorating breath of fresh air which we can recall when facing the day to day difficulties of our lives. Our wise fourlegged teachers show us how to gallop through and jump free of whatever is holding us back.

Hippolysis is a not for profit company built on the dedication and hard work of its volunteers. Everyone working for Hippolysis is a volunteer providing their time and expertees for free and all money donated to and generated by Hippolysis goes to the day to day costs of the farm. The vision of Hippolysis is to provide equine assisted learning and therapy to benefit the greatest number of people.

The History

It started with grandfather’s stories of love for the horses and his respect towards them for their sensitivity and understanding. It was born through personal contact with them and long-standing experience and communication and years of medical studies, psychiatry, research on what makes us sick and how we manage to fill our lives and souls with misery.

Hippolysis was born after observation and realisation of the beneficial effect that horses have on humans, an insight that was confirmed by therapists -“horse people” in the USA. Their 35 years long research has clearly shown the psychotherapeutic effect of the horse and the method has emerged as an internationally acclaimed method of psychotherapy (counting 600 certified centres worldwide).

Horses have not been confined to therapy. They proved to be –through research- mighty guides of learning and development for humans. Recently, horses have emerged in the business world, as they have become teachers of co-operation and leadership for business teams, sales teachers, and teachers of crisis management and alternative solutions finding.



The time came, in 2009, when Dr. Niki sold her home in order give abused and abandoned horses (and other animals – there are cats, ducks, chicken, dogs, donkeys, geese) a home.

Hippolysis was born.

With years of experience and education, ready to provide Greece the gift of the horses. Hippolysis was fortunate enough to be loved and embraced by beautiful people, that spent endless hours under the sun and the rain, gained the experience and the training and travelled abroad in order to earn the diplomas required to work as volunteers and dedicate their life to the animals and the project.

The four-legged therapists, our horses, are with us for many years (some have been with us already for 20 years). Through the difficulties that they passed in their lives in the past, they became wiser and they were trained to be therapists and teachers. Each one having its own personality and approach, they never cease to amaze us with their depth of therapeutic effectiveness.

Dr. Niki Markogianni - Founder of Hippolysis
Dr. Niki Markogianni - Founder of Hippolysis

Νeurologist-psychiatrist with 35 years experience in the field of psychotherapy and 45 actively occupied with horses.
International EAGALA mentor.

The People

All the people in Hippolysis are volunteers and they are giving from their heart whatever they can, so that the farm continues to be a live core of learning, development and therapy for everyone who visits.

Hippolysis is the Eagala centre of Greece (http://www.eagala.org/find_a_program ). We have Eagala Certified instructors and one Advanced Level Certified instructor which is also an Eagala international mentor. Postgraduate students from Universities come to Hippolysis in order to do their practice or to conduct pilot studies.

As a center, Hippolysis conducts as well as takes part in research programs with Universities, concerning the evolution of the EAGALA method, as well as the introduction of new elements in the field of Equine Assisted Therapy.

The Horses

Each of the teachers and therapists of Hippolysis carries its own history and trauma, as they are horses who have suffered and were no more «useful”. They were given by us a shelter and a caring embrace and they in return, embrace and help people.


“During the exercise with the horse I didn’t realize what I felt, and had not taken it very seriously… that night I woke in tears. It was like something had opend up inside me and I didn’t know what … with the following sessions I realized that I was freeing myself from something; What? I don’t know… but my life changed, my stance towards other people changed, everything changed. A year after the change I still feel the change in me – like something in me softented and sweetented, everyone tells me that now I am laughing for the first time.” K.A., Lawyer

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