Last month I was having a conversation with a respected colleague of mine, Hillary Schneider of Epona Rise Retreats. She teaches a unique style of equine facilitation that draws upon and strengthens the practitioner’s intuitive skills as a facilitator and coach.


We were discussing the power of these skills above and beyond employing a process, or specific activities. Process and activities are useful, but without the deep intuitive skills required to bridge the psyches of the horse and human (including our own), there is less opportunity for organic shifts in direction resulting in profound transformation.


I was sharing with Hillary that her approach to teaching equine facilitation and coaching is similar to my approach to teaching the business building aspect of this work. The ‘activities’ required to invite potential clients to work with us have little to no effect without the intuitive guidance of our heart & Soul.


Like a master facilitator, when you bring your whole self to the experience (facilitation or marketing), the activities and tools merely become an extension of your energy. As the facilitator/entrepreneur, you are the conductor of this orchestra of energy. It’s always fluid, never static and requires constant awareness in order to organize itself into a powerful melody that touches hearts and minds.


Hillary and I are excited to play with integrating our aligned perspectives into an open class, conversation, exploration of coaching skills and business integrity for EAL practitioners.


Would you like to join the conversation? ?

We’ve come up with a whole checklist of topics we hope to explore.

We’ve set the date to meet via Zoom for Thursday, May 23rd at 2pm EDT. (It will be recorded, but you’ll need to register to receive the replay).

Here’s the link

Hope to ‘see’ you on the 23rd!

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