Equine Facilitated Wellness is a professional community who values building respectful, trusting relationships through the human-equine bond. Our holistic foundation offers a diverse array of opportunities for training and certification within the arena of Equine Facilitated Wellness as well as personal exploration, growth and professional development.

The certification trainings take place in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario with some of our Trainers travelling to other countries and areas to offer the trainings.


How we began: This association began forming in 2005 when a number of people who were working in the EFW field came together when they were searching for a like-minded herd who shared their values and ethics in working with equines in respectful relationships. We wanted to belong to an organization which fostered this approach and provided training and certification that was in-depth and had a high standard of ethics and principles to reflect the importance of the skills and experience that are needed to be grounded in this important work. The certification process takes a minimum of two years to complete with on-site trainings as well as mentorship, practice hours and ongoing support. It is an open-ended process so people take the next element when they are ready so that they take the time that they need to be ready to do the work.

Although our association is based in Canada, we have members world-wide and we are always looking for individuals who are interested in learning more about this beneficial field of Equine Facilitated Wellness and how they can integrate their education, knowledge and experience into the field of EFW.

The certification process is supported by Trainers and Mentors who are in direct contact with the certification candidates to guide you through the process. During and in between the trainings, candidates are working on developing a clear scope of practice to determine who they will be working with and what they are qualified to do. Updating hours and professional development are required to maintain your certification status.


Do you desire to belong to a community that values what equines have to teach us and treats them as equal partners?

Would you like to enhance your growth, learning and wellness through engagement with equines?

Are you looking for opportunities to learn how to deepen the connections with the equines in your life?

Are you ready to become a certified equine facilitated wellness professional?

EFW Certification: Learn more about how to become certified to practice in the field of equine facilitated wellness. The Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness is a registered, non-profit association committed to professional excellence in the field of equine facilitated activities and has developed an in-depth certification process. We have developed certification standards that enhance the safety, ethics, and credibility of counselling, learning initiatives and horsemanship fostering respectful relationships with equines and humans. There are three streams of certification to become an EFW Professional. People can become certified in one, two or all three of the areas of Mental Health, Learning and as an Equine Professional and/or Coach. You can find out more on our website http://www.equinefacilitatedwellness.org

Trainings and Workshops: An opportunity for everyone to participate in EFW! Discover the unique ways in which equines can assist you in your personal growth and development, or simply find ways to deepen your connection with equines in your life.

Membership: Offers you learning opportunities, support and mentorship. Join us and become part of the growing EFW community!

Find a Professional: Are you looking for an EFW certified mental health, learning or equine professional who is trained to incorporate the equine-human bond into the therapeutic or learning process? Find them here: http://www.equinefacilitatedwellness.org/our-crew



People who have completed their certification comment that it is an involved process but that they were thankful to have had the enriching training and the personal development that came with it, the support of the mentors and that they felt ready in their role as an EFW Professional.

How we can be reached:

You can reach us through our website http://www.equinefacilitatedwellness.org or info@equinefacilitatedwellness.org and if you would like a phone call just let us know. Check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/equinefacilitatedwellness/ and sign up for our newsletter.



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