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Mission Statement
To revolutionize global health by teaching human beings how to regulate stress and anxiety.

Yarcort is an Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) facility that commits to offering nurturing programs for a mix of humans, organizations and facilitators. It is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania on a breathtaking mountaintop where the aura is positively uplifting. The facility houses up to 9 horses with an outdoor and indoor, climate-controlled arena. Additionally, there are comfortable classrooms with one kitchen, a fully equipped restroom and 160 acres for exploration.

What services do you offer? What do you do? What is your expertise?

As a business coach, I have gained my knowledge from being an Entrepreneur in Real Estate for 30 years. My talents are in mastering life itself, Equine Experiential Education, physiotherapy and the studies of neuroscience. Clients have referred to me as The Accelerator Coach because of my unique ability to find simple solutions to challenges.

Our services are meant to help open doors, close doors and increase wealth.

They provide a safe haven of support for growing Entrepreneurs, so that they can create sustainable companies, while gaining the time and financial freedom to enjoy life. I currently offer interactive, and professional workshops through speaking events at our facility and through online programs. The overall goal is to help my clients regulate their stress, maximize their talents and balance life. It’s all about going further, faster with less effort.


Who do you help?
We work exclusively with Entrepreneurs and Equine Professionals who are struggling.

How do you help them?
We help our clients by giving them an alternative solution to therapy. We provide the right tools, processes, hands-on experience and done-for-you programs to ensure that they can step away from daily activities that are stressful and focus on strategic growth.
We strive to help our clients think beyond what they currently know about themselves, and their business. Shifting their current mindset to problems created by stress, to finding solutions and getting results.


How you help equine professionals especially? What will they gain from working with you?
I do offer my services to help Entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow their businesses. However, my passion and life’s work is dedicated to helping Equine Professionals who are finding it difficult to bridge the gap between certification and a successful, sustainable business. I have found that many Equine Professionals aren’t realizing the value and results of the work that they do. This is what I believe to be the biggest reason for failure to grow, or in other words, bridge that gap toward success.
Therefore, I have created an Equine Facilitated Development (EFD) program that helps them achieve this through clarity, confidence and experiential learning techniques–three key components that Equine Professionals often struggle to combine together in order to assist their own clients. My team and I offer Equine Professionals further physical, and emotional support through an Internship program where they can put what they’ve learned in EFD to the test.
One way I help my clients that may be different from others is through the development of my Focus Forward Technique. This tool helps Equine Professionals, 1. Think beyond what they currently know about themselves and their businesses, 2. Shift their mindset or focus from problems that cause stress to finding solutions. Both are achieved through hands-on learning with equine partners at our facility.
Most importantly, I want Equine Professionals who work with me to gain a sense of joy when it comes to running their businesses. My hope is to help them love what they do again, so that we can all come together as a community to make an even larger, positive impact on global health (my mission and why I feel that this fits into the Holistic Horse Network).

How did you get into this? Your story. Why do you dedicate your life to this?

Imagine being lost on a road and not knowing where to go, who you belong to or what you should be doing. That’s how life started for me: scared and alone. You see, I was born to an unwed mother and left for adoption. This event left me with scars that I would battle with for most of my life.
Don’t be mistaken, I was adopted into a wonderful family. However, the inner turmoil that I suffered from was ongoing. What were the right steps? Which way should I go? I always doubted myself, which drove me to become a “people pleaser”. I would go to great lengths to satisfy the needs of others, even at the expense of my own wellbeing. The burdens and responsibilities of those around me became mine. I chose to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders because of an overwhelming fear that I would be left behind again.
I constantly felt like I wasn’t good enough and that no matter what I did, I always doubted. Instead of acknowledging my strengths or what made my heart sing– I focused on all of my faults.
It took me a long time to find myself and to feel grounded in who I am. I spent nearly 35 years trying to live up to what I thought was expected of me. As a result, I got the wakeup call that I truly needed. After experiencing a major health scare, I came to the realization that living just to please others was not the answer. I had to stop believing that I was responsible for fixing other people’s mistakes. Their bumps and bruises were not mine—I had my own mountain to climb.
I had to ask myself– Who do I want to become? How do I want others to see me? When I’m gone, how do I want to be remembered?
The good news is, I am still standing and my heart is bigger than ever before. I was forced to make some pretty tough decisions. In the end, I learned to put myself first thanks to the life that I was given and wisdom from my supportive husband.
My journey of learning how to put myself first wouldn’t be complete without the being who taught me more about myself than any human ever could—a horse named, Zeus. My interactions with Zeus helped me become more in tune with my senses. He revealed to me exactly what I couldn’t see— how I was perceived by other people.
For example, I always thought that I had my life together. But I failed to recognize that I had actually developed unhealthy habits. I suffered from severe insomnia, and had every minute of every day scheduled with something for me to accomplish. I never allowed myself free time to just exist and be present. Presently thinking hear and now was not an option because of all those burdens I created a habit of never turning off my mind.
I never realized the noticeable difference between how I saw myself and how others saw me. When interacting with Zeus—I thought that I appeared calm and collected. In reality, he would act like a basket case around me. This adverse reaction forced me to look inward in order to determine why this was happening.
Zeus became my soul partner who taught me how to think in the direction of results. He provided me with a clear path to focus on through persistence and consistency. Above all, Zeus showed me how to quiet my mind. I couldn’t spend every waking moment worrying about other people anymore. It was time for me to finally be present in the here and now.
I began to live with purpose, not by default or suffering and others could see this difference in me daily. They noticed a change in my attitude and views on life. My entire pattern of thinking changed. It finally aligned with my true desires and how I wanted other people to perceive me.
I have learned that my greatest strengths are activator, achiever, learner, input and discipline. Tapping into these abilities have given me the wings to fly—and I want to help others soar in the same way.




“Gina has a real talent for pushing you beyond your comfort zone in a good way”- MC Stockl, Horse Institute of New York“Gina is an amazing coach and leader. She has such a great way of supporting people on their journey. Get some Gina in your life and you will “harness” your own success and she will be right there cheering you on!” – Judy Prokopiak, Certified Health & Life Coach


Do you have a facility or offer an outreach service?

Yes! We have a facility that is located on the beautiful mountaintops of Northeastern Pennsylvania. We also offer national and international outreach services through presentations to organizations.



Phone number (with country code)

(570) 756-3036
Gina Yarrish
Accelerator Coach

What if you set your Business up so it wasn’t focused on income but on
How would business change?
P.S. There Are a few ways I can help you and your business. New Launch

January 2019

Hire Gina for your company event or meeting: Presentation topic: Regulate Stress and Anxiety.
How could that change your company culture & dynamics?

Regulate Stress & Anxiety Workshop for the Workforce & Entrepreneurs.
Prelaunch Premiums April 25-27th, 2019 
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Accelerate Your Business: 8 Week Online Webinar Program for Entrepreneurs/

Sales specialists/Equine Business Developers. Using Gina’s Focus Forward Technique 
she teaches you how to reverse engineer, building a mindset that matches your business
 and create a scalable company.
Equine Business Development; Professional Development not offered anywhere else!

It bridges the gap between Certification and Scalable Profitable Business.

Equine Facilitator Development (DFY): Practical Training needed to build clarity,

confidence and the hands on experience to build a successful Equine Business. You will gain a
 “done for you” program that is already generating six figures.
Welcome to a good first place to start Gina’s Best Selling Book “Harness Your Purpose, Power, & Peace. 

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