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An Emerging Season of Equine Inspired Success

Equine “assisted” development is finally blossoming into what I believe is the ‘season of success’ for practitioners of personal, professional, mental and spiritual development!

It’s been nearly 20 years since the first publications of the efficacy and seemingly miraculous accountings of personal transformations and expanded awareness through equine inspired experiences. Most people who have such an experience will share that it was one of the best learning opportunities of their life, and yet, they are at a loss when it comes to articulating what happened to (with, through) them.

And, it’s true that many practitioners still struggle to bring clarity and language to this ephemeral modality of expanding consciousness. In other words, there are no words to adequately describe the encounter of meeting a higher version of yourself through the exquisite eyes of a non-judgemental horse!

I’m on a mission to help change that. If you are a practitioner (or want to be), I invite you to be patient and lean into the rhythm of what is unfolding within our unique industry.

Equine Inspired learning is coming forward in an unprecedented time of parallel crisis and birth.  We are experiencing and witnessing the global chaotic disintegration of outdated structures of manufacturing, education, and government as well as global shifts in climate and previously stable human/animal habitats. At the same time, for those that are aware, we have the opportunity and responsibility to be the midwives of the birth of something new. Something fragile and incredibly vibrant!

Every death and every birth is a symbol of an entity moving from the known into the unknown. Think of a baby coming from the known comfort and safety of the womb into an unknown environment of a new reality! We have a choice to bring with us into this new world the energy of fear and mistrust or the energy of love and excitement for possibility!

The horses have taught me to understand that ‘uncertainty’ is simply an opportunity to trust and lean into Source. Source through me, through our horses, our colleagues, students, clients, mentors, family, and friends. We have the potential to evolve into ONE HERD co-creating from a higher vibration of love, trust, and mutual respect.

Our work is important and facilitates a critically vital component of self-actualization for those that seek expanding awareness for peace, health, abundance, community, and connection.  Our personal growth and expansion through uncertainty is required for us to be space holders, examples and teachers for our clients.

In order to flow with the current growth and success emerging at this time, we have to master what we preach in the arenas and round pens and apply it to the implementation of our business on all levels.

We are spiralling out into a greater level of consciousness which includes tweaking old ways of doing business and inventing new transparent models of ‘shared leadership’ and prosperity.

If you FEEL the energy of our emerging success and yet you are uncertain of your role or how to expand your impact and receive abundance with grace and gratitude, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary Clarity Session(while they’re still free)... Click –> HERE <– to schedule a time that works for you and say, “Yes” to evolving yourself and your herd!

Schelli Whitehouse

Best Selling Author of  The Business of Coaching with Horses – How to Reach More Clients, Feed Your Horses and Change the World!

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